We were recently asked by one of our partner schools to write a synopsis of our services. While doing this we realised that being an Independent Service we can adapt our provisions within the scope of being occupational therapists. 
Occupational therapy values the role of being and doing, and assesses each child as an individual within the context of school and home. In school children’s occupations span from daily living skills of getting dressed/undressed/ feeding themselves and using the toilet independently; fine motor skills necessary for cutting, sticking, writing; visual motor skills for copying and tracing; gross motor skills for moving around school and playing on play equipment; cognitive skills for remembering and following routines; social skills necessary for turn taking and playing with their friends; emotional skills necessary to persist with communicating their needs, or to stick at an activity. Underpinning all of this are the child’s individual differences- their sensory preferences, their emotional level, their cognitive level and their ability to move from one state to another (arousal levels from sleep to calm to excited and back to calm).
Thrive OTs are qualified in assessing children’s individual differences . We support staff in developing individualised and class based sensory activities to attain, maintain and sustain a just right level of challenge for children to learn in a calm and nurturing environment. Over the years our role has developed into an embedded class based service, with a push in service. We endeavour, where possible, to add sensory activities to the natural flow of a child’s school routine rather than remove children from class for therapy. Although this form a small part of our service when appropriate.
We are frequently invited to be involved in discussions around curriculum changes, adding sensory activities and emotional wellbeing targets from an OT perspective. We have a role as advisors on the role of sensory integration, including sensory modulation and registration, and provide training to staff and parents as part of our provision. We have introduced sensory diets, supported staff in using sensory equipment efficiently and effectively, worked alongside department heads and teachers in sourcing equipment for school.
We use a tiered approach to providing services and two of our OTs came up with a graphic to share our provision with schools. 
If you would like to discuss how we can support the children, families and staff at your school please get in touch on 01604 644537, email info@thrive-ots.co.uk or use Facebook Messenger: Thrive Occupational Therapy Services Ltd.