For Mainstream Schools

Mainstream Schools

Many mainstream schools have pupils with and without diagnoses that have difficulty participating in important school activities such as handwriting, paying attention, organisation, interacting with others and coordination.

We work to help pupils improve their skills and participation in identified areas, as well as work collaboratively with teachers, parents/carers and staff to help the children meet their targets.

Some benefits of having Thrive OT work with your staff and pupils:

  • Clearly measurable goals for the child.
  • Support for the teacher, LSA, TA and/or SENCo in helping all children access the curriculum.
  • Support in addressing difficulties the child may be having in participating in classroom activities.
  • Increased understanding of a child’s needs and strategies to help them succeed.

A few examples of services we could offer your school include:

  • Direct services – individual or small group therapy sessions (in or out of class).
  • Extended services – after school groups or individual therapy sessions.
  • Consultation/collaborative services – working with teaching staff to assess and enhance the participation of individual children or a whole class in activities.
  • Education – for teachers, support staff and parents/carers regarding specific difficulties and approaches.
  • Please contact us to find out more. A member of the team would be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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Special Schools

There are many children in special schools who have occupational therapy on their statement or who would benefit from occupational therapy input, however this input tends to be limited from statutory services. Many of these children and their teaching staff would benefit from professional input and advice regarding fine motor skills, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, coordination and sensory integration/processing skills, functional skills and life skills development as well as support with access, seating and equipment.

Thrive OT can:

  • Work with teachers regarding planning and daily activities to benefit individual children or the whole class.
  • Provide individual assessments and therapeutic intervention as required.
  • Support the teacher and child in achieving IEP and therapeutic goals through collaborative working, individualised therapy and/or small group work.
  • Work with families and other professionals to provide consistency across settings.

We offer a flexible service and are able to work with all children and their teaching staff in ways that work best for the teacher, school and child.

Please contact the team to find out more or to discuss how Thrive OT could work with your school. Check out the testimonials page for feedback from parents and staff.

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What our customers say

The service from Thrive has made a tremendous difference to our pupils and the quality of provision to meet their complex needs. We are now able to quickly access their needs and ensure that they are well met. The costs are reasonable and certainly provide good value for money. The OTs from Thrive are friendly, professional and efficient. the reports are detailed and timely- thank you!

Laura Clarke, Head of Rowan Gate School

…Thanks for everything you’ve done for [our daughter] – she always enjoys your visits and will miss you popping in!  Particular thanks for teaching her how to drink from a straw and do buttons up – that’s been a godsend!!




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