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Thrive OT and Fairfields Teaching School Alliance host:

Sensory Circuits: Training for Teachers


Monday 4th March 2019, 9:30-12:30

Many children in school have not developed the basic self regulation and sensory motor skills that lay the foundation for academic learning to take place. Research has shown that by developing children’s foundational motor skills, through sensory motor programmes in schools, progress is seen in academic and learning skills such as handwriting, reading, concentration, attention and hand-eye coordination.
This course aims to equip all staff with the knowledge to identify children with motor learning difficulties including useful screening tools and ideas for individual and group sensory motor programmes using readily available school gym and playground equipment.

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Thrive offers training and educational sessions predominantly for education professionals. Some of the topics offered include:

  • Introduction to handwriting development.
  • Strategies for children with handwriting difficulties.
  • Sensory strategies to promote attention and participation in class.
  • Helping the child with coordination difficulties.
  • Sensory motor development.
  • Fine tuning your knowledge of fine motor skills

Thrive can also offer bespoke training for a school, cluster of schools or group of individuals. Please contact the team for more information or to discuss your needs.

“Thank you for a wonderful day training yesterday it was informative and inspiring. I have taken back some of the strategies and started to share with others [to] support all children and those with additional needs.”
(Helena Georgiou, Nurture Manager, Lumbertubs Primary School, Northampton, Oct 2015)

What our customers say

The service from Thrive has made a tremendous difference to our pupils and the quality of provision to meet their complex needs. We are now able to quickly access their needs and ensure that they are well met. The costs are reasonable and certainly provide good value for money. The OTs from Thrive are friendly, professional and efficient. the reports are detailed and timely- thank you!

Laura Clarke, Head of Rowan Gate School

…Thanks for everything you’ve done for [our daughter] – she always enjoys your visits and will miss you popping in!  Particular thanks for teaching her how to drink from a straw and do buttons up – that’s been a godsend!!




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