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                               Thrive OT Rates 2024





Discounted rate for parents/ charities*
Standard hourly rate (for all services)


£100 £80
Individual Advice and Consultation Package includes:

·        Structured observations of the young person at home or education setting including discussions with appropriate caregivers

·        Home and/or setting questionnaire such as the sensory processing measure (SPM) or DCDQ

·        Written summary of advice and recommendations

·        Feedback meeting

 £450 £400
Assessment Package includes:

·        Structured observations of the young person at education setting or home including discussions with caregivers

·        Home and/or setting questionnaire such as the sensory processing measure (SPM) or DCDQ

·        Formal Assessment Session: Standardised assessments will be used and tailored to the needs of the individual. Assessments may cover sensory discrimination/perception skills, sensory responsivity and recovery, executive function skills, postural control and movement skills, social/ emotional development, trauma/attachment.

·        Formal written report with specific recommendations and advice suitable for including in EHCP.

·        Feedback meeting

£750 £670
Therapy Package A includes:

·        Therapy plan with related recommendations

·        6 sessions with the young person including associated preparation, liaison and feedback.

·        Written summary and feedback meeting at the end of the package

£850 £770
Therapy Package B includes:

·        As above but with 12 sessions

£1400 £1250
12 hour Advice and Consultation Package:

·        12 hours of Occupational therapy input to be used as and when required.

·        Can be used for observation and advice for individuals and groups, attending meetings, informal training, resource sharing, upskilling staff, support in setting up groups

·        To include any note keeping and preparation time required.

·        Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

*NEW* School training and support package

·        One, half day training session for your school . Choose a topic form the list  over leaf.

·        3 x termly sessions of 3 hours in school to include, consultation, ‘Ask an OT sessions’ or parent drop ins


*A travel charge will be made for journeys of more than 15 minutes each way at our standard hourly rate or part thereof to cover therapist time and 45p per mile.


Please see FAQ page on Thrive website for more information regarding assessments

  Education and Training Packages  
  Length of Training Cost  
  Half Day

Introduction to topic below and strategies that can be used in your setting

  Full Day

As above, including more hands on and interactive learning, more strategies and tools along with worked examples





·        Sensory processing and strategies for the classroom

·        Sensory circuits and sensory motor programmes

·        Tools to support learners with sensory processing difficulties

·        Self-regulation – Strategies for the classroom to help get children ready for learning

·        Introduction to Interoception; helping children develop mindful self-regulation

·        Ask an OT session

·        Fine motor development and handwriting in the classroom

·        Coordination difficulties (Dyspraxia/DCD) and strategies for the classroom

·        ‘How to help your child/ young adult’ series of parents talks: poor sleepers, picky eaters, meltdowns, reluctant writers, self-regulation, immature play and social skills, coordination difficulties, daily routines.



School annual packages (discounted rates)
Contracted hours/week* 1 year 3 years
3 hours £78 per hour  
1 day £73 per hour £68 per hour
2 – 3 days £68 per hour £63 per hour
4 – 5 days £63 per hour £57 per hour


*1 day is a minimum of 6 hours


Benefits of annual packages with Thrive OT**:

  • A named OT or team of OTs, providing school based occupational therapy through consultation, collaboration, and targeted intervention.
  • Up to 3 (1 hour) free information sessions for parents per academic year or access to parent, online information videos.


**based on minimum of 1 full day/week contract.


All Thrive OTs:

·        Have an up to date DBS check

·        Are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

·        Have appropriate insurance

·        Receive regular clinical supervision and professional development

For Special Schools

For Special Schools

We offer a flexible service and are able to work with all children and their teaching staff in ways that work best for the teacher, school and child.

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For Parents

For Parents

Our team at Thrive helps children and young people of all abilities to maximise their potential through intervention to help them develop the necessary skills to participate fully in daily activities.

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For Mainstream Schools

For Mainstream Schools

Many mainstream schools have pupils with and without diagnoses that have difficulty participating in important school activities such as handwriting, paying attention, organisation, interacting with others and coordination.

Read more
For Charities and Local Businesses

For Charities and Local Businesses

We provide services to local charities around Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire including parent support, training, assessments and therapy.

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Education Training

Education Training

Upcoming Education and Training for Professionals

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What our customers say

We love receiving messages like this about a member of our team.

[Also] Carly the OT who came out to [my child’s] school was amazing!!! She gave me some really useful info/knowledge and resources to research. I went away feeling like I had a little clearer understanding of how [my child’s] brain works and how I can further support her. Please pass on my thanks.

Parent, November 2023. Banner girl smiling with purple square with Carly's headshot in centre

Parent Feedback

Another fabulous comment received about one of our exceptional OTs; Carly 

Just a personal note to say thank you again for attending [my child’s] Annual Review with the others. It was lovely see you all there as people who have worked with [my child] this last year, on the same page with [my child] and listening to your comments about [them].

If we ever need to use Thrive again either through the LA or privately for reassessment, without a doubt you will be the first person I think of! 

Parent, 20th May 2024

Parent Feedback



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