Today we presented at Lings Primary School to teachers, teaching assistants, a Family Link worker, a sports coach Sport4Fitness CIC, a sensory theatre maker Collar & Cuffs Co, an Educational Therapist Early Years SEN and an OT Student University of Northampton

I need to do a big shout out to the most innovative group who came up with ideas for a sensory circuit in a cupboard, you know that little space you are shown where you can do ‘therapy’ or ‘interventions. This group had the advantage of having a sensory theatre maker in their ranks, so being a drama queen can have it’s advantages!

We looked at how with just one large therapy/gym ball, some bean bags and imagination we can do a whole range of activities to alert, organise and calm children. We learned about our 8 sensory systems, see previous post on interoception for more on these. We learned where to find easy-to-use assessments to record children’s availability to learn, gross motor skills, handwriting or balance/endurance so that we can show that the sensory circuits are effective in our setting. And we learned that there’s more to an OT than meets the eye…I feel another post in the pipeline on our Thrive Embedded Service (I so want a Teddy acronym here)

We had some great questions about how to calm an alert child-

Quick answer you can’t! Not yet anyway, they need to learn to be less alert and climb down that arousal ladder through organised before we can expect calm. And maybe calm will never be in their repertoire; alert and engaged and paying attention may be our best hope for them.

It was great to start thinking and linking Sensory Circuits and Interoception- we are helping children to learn how to ‘feel’ calm, organised and alert in their bodies and then link that to emotions of ready not ready, calm not calm, focused not focused. And hey- Interoception is about linking our body based feeling with emotions… accidental interoception on the fly Kelly Mahler

It was a fun and informative workshop with lots of interaction and questions. We’ve received some lovely feedback, thank you to all our lovely participants it was a pleasure to share ideas with you. If you attended our course today please join our closed Sensory Circuits Group where we will share files and ideas to use. And if you didn’t, keep an eye out on Eventbrite, Facebook and on here for more training dates and venues, or drop us a message via Facebook or email

And lastly yes we will travel, yes we will be doing more training and yes your school/ playgroup/ parent and carers groups can book us in a venue near you.