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Headshot of Jodie EvansJodie graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Coventry University in 2013 and joined the Thrive team in 2021. Prior to this, Jodie worked in different roles in a variety of specialist schools, supporting the growth and development of children and young people with additional and complex needs.

Jodie works alongside senior OTs within 3 specialist schools across Leicestershire and Milton Keynes. Supporting students with specialist seating and equipment, and working with students and staff to develop strategies and interventions to support sensory and functional needs.

Jodie has worked with many children and young people with; autism, ADHD, sensory difficulties and complex medical needs. This has required patience and good communication skills which are vital to help develop positive relationships, with both the individual and their families. Taking the time to get to know and understand each individual is essential to providing a bespoke and relevant package for all areas of development. With this knowledge, Jodie is able to ensure that the children and young people are supported, engaged, regulated and motivated.

Jodie is committed to supporting and advocating their independence and emotional regulation needs both at school and at home. As an example, Jodie has implemented a whole school sensory circuit for children and young people to access, allowing them to regulate and be ready for learning.

Jodie also has experience with postural support/management in regard to specialist seating and equipment, and how it can be used to increase engagement, communication and interaction with lessons.

Jodie visited the Peto institute (Budapest) to learn more about the conductive education approach which is used to support children and young people who cannot walk.

Trained as a SEQ Level 2 swim teacher. Jodie ensured that her swimming lessons were differentiated to be inclusive for all pupils with additional and complex needs.

Jodie has a specialist interest in sensory processing, attachment and behaviour, looking at how to promote sensory and emotional regulation strategies in everyday life. She would also like to continue developing her skills and knowledge in postural management solutions to increase independence, communication skills and engagement levels for those children who use specialised seating.

Jodie’s goal is to continue to overcome barriers within the wider community and reduce stigma around learning difficulties and disabilities. Allowing children, young people and adults a chance to overcome their unique set of challenges and to have full and complete lives,

Through her role Jodie will access learning to further her knowledge, experience and understanding within these areas.

Jodie outside of work has a very active life with her many dogs, baking cake creations, exercising and spending time with family and friends.

Jodie loves to explore the world and experience different cultures, back in 2015 she spent 6 months exploring different countries such as Thailand, Fiji and Australia.

If you see Jodie sitting still she will be immersed in a book or to have a cuddle with one of her dogs.

At the weekends she spends her time supporting a young person with additional needs, giving them the opportunity to go out within the local community and access different activities; allowing development in their confidence, communication and independence skills.

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Supporting local parent and carer groups:


Hi Jennifer

Thank you so much for your fantastic talk last night.

I have had so much positive feed back from parents…..they all got so much from your talk. We would love to have you back again sometime.

Thank you again

Jenny Mould (ACE)

support groups

Feedback from recent training on embedding The Interoception Curriculum at Red Kite Special Academy in Corby, July 2020

“Training was excellent”

“The training was marvellous, really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work”

“You were amazing! The training was so interesting, loved it and cannot wait to try it”

“Such good training, thank you both! Excited to find ways to apply this through the whole school”


Red Kite Special Needs School, Corby



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