Jennifer Barrow (Director)

Jennifer worked as an associate with the founding partner of Thrive OT services and in 2017 joined Alison Barrett as Director of the company. She has an Honours degree in occupational therapy from Trinity College, Dublin and has worked in the UK and the Channel Islands. She is an Advanced Practitioner in Ayres Sensory Integration and has DIR Floortime training (201).

Jennifer has developed a role with staff at Kingsley Special Academy helping to reframe behaviour, improving self-regulation and building resilience. She runs regular workshops and drop in sessions, hoping to encourage and promote the use of sensory strategies to enhance mental health, wellbeing and participation in everyday life.

She has presented workshops on embedding the role of occupational therapy within school settings to School Leaders and School Inclusion Conferences.


What our customers say

The service from Thrive has made a tremendous difference to our pupils and the quality of provision to meet their complex needs. We are now able to quickly access their needs and ensure that they are well met. The costs are reasonable and certainly provide good value for money. The OTs from Thrive are friendly, professional and efficient. the reports are detailed and timely- thank you!

Laura Clarke, Head of Rowan Gate School

…Thanks for everything you’ve done for [our daughter] – she always enjoys your visits and will miss you popping in!  Particular thanks for teaching her how to drink from a straw and do buttons up – that’s been a godsend!!




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