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Interoception- the Eighth Sense

What? I hear you cry! I got taught that there are five senses in school and you’re telling me there are three more. And this unpronounceable one is the eighth (FYI the other two are proprioception and vestibular). Interoception is the sense of feeling things… as in cold, hot, hungry, thirsty etc and is pronounced in-ter-oh-sep-chun. For more information on what Interoception is see this link to the Star Institute in the USA Our company is offering interoception awareness…

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Thrive OT Services employees and associates are taking part in international normative data collecting (INDC) for a new test- Evaluation of Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI): follow this link for further information. In summary: – The purpose of this research, which is being done in countries across the globe, is to test children who are typically developing on tests that measure sensory and motor functions. – Testing typically developing children will allow for comparison to children who are demonstrating problems in…

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What our customers say

Feedback from recent training on embedding The Interoception Curriculum at Red Kite Special Academy in Corby, July 2020

“Training was excellent”

“The training was marvellous, really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work”

“You were amazing! The training was so interesting, loved it and cannot wait to try it”

“Such good training, thank you both! Excited to find ways to apply this through the whole school”


Red Kite Special Needs School, Corby

Sensory Circuit training at Lings Primary School, February 2020

“Brilliant, thank you. So much useful information to take back to the SLG”

“Thank you for the tips and hints on how to use everyday school equipment”

“Fabulous, I can now group children by ability not age. And i have the confidence to explain to staff and children why I am doing that”

“Loved, loved, loved playing with the equipment and learning my sensory preferences.”

Sensory Circuits, Lings Primary School, Northampton



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