This 2-day Weekend Workshop for health, social care and special education professionals is brought t you by the team at Sensory Project. The workshop will provide an opportunity to develop individualised sensory strategies using Chain Analysis and personalised Sensory Ladders to understand and support communication and self-regulation. This course is suitable for those working with people with all levels of cognitive ability. Over the two days you will explore using the theory of Sensory Integration to understand and analyse behaviours that can be challenging to health and social care professionals and care teams. You will consider how sensory integration difficulties may contribute to the person’s presentations and difficulties participating in everyday life.
By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
Describe the theory of Ayres’ Sensory Integration and its application for managing behaviours that challenge.
Describe and reformulate behaviours using a range of tools including chain analysis.
Incorporate cognitive and behavioural strategies alongside sensory integration theory to develop personalised Sensory Ladders.
Develop individualised sensory strategies informed by chain analysis and other tools.
Implement sensory-integration informed strategies and sensory approaches to enhance communication, support self-regulation; facilitating participation in everyday life.